Glycol Cooling Heating Control System

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The tested object is attached to a test platform adapter.

The inside of the part was cooled and heated by an aqueous solution of ethylene glycol.

The test component needs to undergo a specific temperature profile and record changes in temperature. Temperature variations typically range from -40 to 100 degrees.

When performing a tolerance test, it usually takes an infinite loop.

Antifreeze temperature from -40 degrees to 100 degrees

Very steep temperature gradient change

Export temperature limit

Visualization, data storage, and reporting analysis

Temperature control equipment can be flexibly connected to other test platforms

Equipped with a powerful circulation pump while ensuring the delivery of highly viscous liquids.

Control the flow output with a proportional control valve to achieve high-precision control of the total range 5% to 100% adjustment

Maintenance of Glycol Cooling Heating Control System Apart from the attention needed during the daily use, the regular check and maintenance of glycol refrigeration system are also very important. In order to help all of you learn to use Glycol cooling heating more efficiently, Guanya Refrigeration sort out related maintenance, so that you can use it in time. Screw Compressor Screw compressor is a very important part of ethylene glycol heated water circulator, and the compressor is directly related to the stability of the unit. If the compressor has something wrong, In view of the high precision of the assembly precision of the screw compressor, the factory is usually required to carry out the maintenance, so it needs to be paid more attention in the ordinary use process in using.


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