Spherical Roller Bearing 22222CAW33

Spherical Roller Bearing 22222CAW33

Inner Ring: 110.000mm
Outer Ring: 200.000mm
Width: 53.000mm
Chamfer: 2.1mm
Basic Dynamic Load Rating: 428KN
Basic Static Load Rating: 616KN
Limited Speed (rpm): 2160(grease)/3136(oil)
Gross Weight: 7.26kg
Brass Cage

Equipped with an outer ring with a spherical raceway surface and an inner ring which holds two rows of barrel-shaped rolling elements, spherical roller bearings can adjust center alignment to handle inclination of the axle or shaft.
Spherical roller bearings are available with cylindrical or tapered bores, and can have different features such as bronze or steel retainers and with or without oil holes. Standard sizes range from 90mm inside diameter to 1820 mm outside diameter. Spherical roller bearing standard series consist of: 21300, 22200, 22300, 23000, 23100, 23200, 23900, 24000, 24100.

23218/W33: 90mm x 160mm x 52.4mm
22318/W33: 90mm x 190mm x 64mm
24020CA: 100mm x 150mm x 50mm
22220K/W33: 100mm x 180mm x 46mm
23220CA/W33:100mm x 180mm x 60.3mm
24122CA/W33: 110mm x 180mm x 69mm
22222: 110mm x 200mm x 53mm
23222CA: 110mm x 200mm x 69.8mm
23024/W33: 120mm x 180mm x 46mm
24024CA/W33: 120mm x 180mm x 60mm
22324/W33: 120mm x 260mm x 86mm
23026CA/W33: 130mm x 200mm x 52mm
24026/W33: 130mmx 200mm x 69mm
22226: 130mm x 230mm x 64mm
23226CA/W33: 130mm x 230mmx 80mm
24128W33: 140mm x 225mm x 85mm
22228CA:140mm x 250mm x 68mm
22328K: 140mm x 300mm x 102mm
24030CA/W33: 150mm x 225mm x 75mm
22230CA/W33: 150mm x 270mm x 73mm
24132CA/W33: 160mm x 270mm x 109mm
22232CA: 160mm x 290mm x 80mm
23232CA: 160mm x 290mm x 104mm
23034CA/W33: 170mm x 260mm x 67mm
24034CA/W33: 170mm x 260mm x 90mm
24134CA/W33: 170mm x 280mm x 109mm
22234CAK/W33: 170mm x 310mm x 86mm
22334CA/W33: 170mm x 360mm x 120mm
23936CA/W33: 180mm x 250mm x 52mm
24036CAK30: 180mm x 280mm x 100mm
22236: 180mm x 320mm x 86mm
23236K/W33: 180mm x 320mm x 112mm
23938CA: 190mm x 260mm x 52mm
24038CA/W33: 190mm x 290mm x 100mm
22238/W33: 190mm x 340mm x 92mm
23238CA: 190mm x 340mm x 120mm
22338/W33: 190mm x 400mm x 132mm
24040/W33: 200mm x 310mm x 109mm
23140CA/W33: 200mm x 340mm x 112mm
24140CA/W33: 200mm x 340mm x 140mm
22340: 200mm x 420mm x 138mm
23944CA: 220mm x 300mm x 60mm
23144: 220mm x 370mm x 120mm
22244CAK/W33: 220mm x 400mm x 108mm
23948CA: 240mm x 320mm x 60mm
24048/W33: 240mm x 360mm x 118mm
22248: 240mm x 440mm x 120mm
23248CAK/W33: 240mm x 440mm x 160mm
23952CA: 260mm x 360mm x 75mm
23152: 260mm x 440mm x 144mm
24152CA/W33: 260mm x 400mm x 180mm
22252CA: 260mm x 480mm x 130mm
22352: 260mm x 540mm x 165mm
23056: 280mm x 420mm x 106mm
23256K: 280mm x 500mm x 176mm
22356: 280mm x 580mm x 175mm
23160K/W33: 300mm x 500mm x 160mm
24160CA/W33: 300mm x 500mm x 200mm
23964CA: 320mm x 440mm x 90mm
23064CA: 320mm x 480mm x 121mm
22264CA/W33: 320mm x 580mm x 150mm
24068CAK30: 340mm x 520mm x 180mm
23168CA/W33: 340mm x 580mm x 190mm
24168CAK30/W33: 340mm x 580mmx 243mm
23972: 360mm x 480mm x 90mm
23072CA: 360mm x 540mm x134mm
22372: 360mm x 750mm x 224mm
23076: 380mm x 560mm x 135mm
23176CAK/W33: 380mm x 620mm x 194mm
23980CA: 400mm x 540mm x 106mm
23080/W33: 400mm x 600mm x 148mm
23280CAK/W33: 400mm x 720mm x 256mm
23984CA: 420mm x 560mm x 106mm
23184CA/W33: 420mm x 700mm x 224mm
23284ACK/W33: 420mm x 760mm x 272mm
24088CA/W33: 440mm x 650mm x 212mm
23992: 460mm x 620mm x 118mm
23092CA/W33: 460mm x 680mm x 163mm
23192/W33: 460mm x 760mm x 240mm
23292CAF3/W33: 460mm x 830mm x 296mm
23996: 480mm x 650mm x 128mm
24096CAK/W33: 480mm x 700mm x 218mm
230/500/W33: 500mm x 720mm x 167mm
231/500CA/W33: 500mm x 830mm x 264mm
241/500CA/W33: 500mm x 830mm x 325mm
239/530CA: 530mm x 710mm x 136mm
240/530: 530mm x 780mm x 250mm
232/530CAK: 530mm x 980mm x 355mm
239/560CA: 560mm x 750mm x 140mm
230/560CA/W33: 560mm x 820mm x 195mm
240/600CA/W33: 600mm x 870mm x 272mm
239/630/W33: 630mm x 850mm x 165mm
241/670CA: 670mm x 1090mm x 412mm
239/710: 710mm x 950mm x 180mm
239/750: 750mm x 1000mm x 185mm
240/800CA/W33: 800mm x 1150mm x 345mm


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