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Shell Moulding Description

Mainly for injection molding, the cavity pressure should be considered as small as possible when designing the runner and the parting surface. Since the BMC material cannot be decomposed, we are the first to use the materialless handle structure in China. Vacuuming structure, the mold temperature balance is consistent. The appearance and strength of the product are guaranteed.

Shell Moulding List

Shell moulding productsinclude end cap mold, lamp housing mold, circuit breaker housing mold, cover mold. Light weight, high strength, precise size, high flatness, high insulation and high temperature resistance. The mold has a high degree of standardization, reasonable flow channel design, small cavity pressure, balanced temperature, no handle, and low power consumption.

Zhejiang Aobang Technology Co., Ltd.is one of the most professional sheet molding compound manufacturersin China, and we hope to gain recognition and support from our customers and to develop mutual cooperation.


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Auto Parts And Accessories
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