LG Vertical Multistage Pump

Product name:LG Vertical Multistage Pump

Model:LG Vertical Multistage Pump

Application:LG-type multi-stage high-rise buildings to pump Product Overview

Product overview

LG-type multi-stage high-rise buildings to pump Product Overview:
LG-type multi-stage water pump high-rise buildings, the Department of vertical single suction multistage centrifugal pump for conveying water at room temperature and the physical and chemical properties similar to liquid water. LG series pump is installed vertically, the motor shaft and shaft coupling through the claw-type coupling, with a compact, low noise, small footprint advantages.
Sunshine multi-stage pump design and optimization by computer processing, the company has strong technical force, rich production experience and improve the detection means, so as to ensure stable and reliable product quality.
Two, LG-type high-rise building multi-stage pump Features:
1, advanced hydraulic model: high efficiency, wide range of performance.
2, less operational and maintenance costs: high quality mechanical seals, wear-resistant, no leakage, long life, low failure rate, with less operational maintenance costs.
3, unique components, reduce noise: the unique design of hydraulic components, good performance over current, maximally reduce the flow noise.
4, vertical structure, small footprint.
Three, LG-type high-rise building multi-stage pump technology parameters:
Traffic: 3.0-50m3 / h;
Head: 20-150m;
Power: 0.75-30kw;
Speed: 2900r / min;
Diameter: φ25-φ80;
Temperature range: 0- + 80 ℃;

Working pressure: ≤1.2Mpa.

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