Kinds of Valves

We are an excellent manufacturer of various valve seriesin China.

The company's supporting mud gate valve has reliable design and heavy load performance under corrosive conditions, and is widely used in some oilfield applications, including:

  1. riser manifold;

  2. install the manifold cut-off valve of the pump;

  3. High pressure mud mixing pipeline;

  4. Isolation valve of high pressure drilling system;

  5. Wellhead;

  6. Drilling treatment and fracturing analysis;

  7. Production management;

  8. Production gathering and transportation system;

  9. Production line

Our company's mud gate valve has two types of seal: hard seal and soft seal.

Structural Features of Hard Sealed Mud Valve

Structural Features of Soft Sealed Mud Valves

Interchangeable with DEMCO Mud Valve Parts from Cameron, USA

On-site repair capability: The bonnet can be easily removed to inspect internal components, and parts can be replaced without removing the valve from the pipeline; the simple design allows quick and easy service without special tools.

Floating plate design: The plate connected to the T-slot valve stem allows the gate to float to the valve seat, which can be tightly pressure-sealed.


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