Industrial Syringe Pump

Industrial Syringe Pumpis a type of high precision dispensing pump for microfluidics in microliters or milliliters, some of them are equipped with a control driver while some not to meet different customers' needs. The minimum volume is 25μL while the maximum volume is 50ml, valve varies from 3 port to 15 ports. This precision syringe pump is very flexible for a wide variety of applications. High stability and high precision make it to be the most traditional options for lab or medical analyzers.

Advantages of Industrial Syringe Pump

High Quality Materials Selection

RUNZEindustrial syringe pumps are made of borosilicate cylinder and PTFE piston to meet the increased requirements of analysis, it is biocompatible corrosive resisting, non-leakage and reusable in fluidic systems, we offer many different models for different applications.

Accurate Control Units

The high precision syringe pumpare composed of a communication driver, high precision syringe stepper motor, optical encoders to work together on achieving the most reliable control systems, besides they are maintenance-free for convenient use.

Wide Optional Configuration

Our stepper motor syringe pumpare available of syringes from 25μL to 50ml and valves in 3 port, 4 port 6 port, 8 port, 10 port, 12 port, 15 port to handle different types of fluids to meet a variety of analysis applications, users can choose specific on according to how many fluids the system needs to handle.

Applications of Industrial Syringe Pump

liquid handling syringe pumpare one of the high precision components in-lab systems, all the wetted materials are corrosion resistant to meet the needs of most fluidic systems. Fluid control equipment is widely used in environmental analyzers, laboratory instruments, medical equipment, petrochemical systems, food and beverage vending machine, bio-pharmaceuticals analysis and metering. High stability is the most important factor, quality materials, complete software, high-quality molding and machining make these realized to a high level.

As a professional syringe pump supplier, we provide oem syringe pump, syringe pump oem, high pressure solenoid valve, etc. For more information, please feel free to contact us!


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