Backflow Preventers

Basic information

This bronze adjustable dynamic flow balancingvalve is required to maintain the flow of these pipes or end equipment at all times within the working differential pressure range. As the system pressure fluctuates, the valve will automatically move up and down to change the opening, thus keeping the pipeline flow constant.



When the pressure difference control range is above, the valve tank is completely compressed, and the cross flow area is only the minimum design channel and the flow rate changes with the pressure difference. When the pressure difference is within the control range, the valve tank moves with the pressure difference, thus changing the flow area and keeping the flow at the set value. Under the pressure differential control range, the valve is fully extended to reveal the maximum overcurrent area and the flow rate changes with the pressure difference.

Installation and Commissioning

This valve is mainly used for flow regulation and hydraulic balance. It can not be used as a shutoff valve because there is a certain amount of leakage when it is closed. For specific use, please consult ZECO Valve Group.

Product scope , Standards & Materials

Size Range: 3/4"~2"

Pressure Rating: 10bar ~ 16bar

Face to Face Dimensions: EN 558-1, ASME B 16.10

Flange End Dimension: BS 21

Inspection and Test: ISO 5208 / EN 12226-2

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