What Is The Difference Between Gate Valve And Globe Valve?

What Is The Difference Between A Gate Valve And A Globe Valve ?

It is important to understand the difference between the gate valve and the valve globe type when you need to choose valves. They are both popular valve types and even look similar, but they are used in completely different places.

Basic knowledge of the gate valve

The gate valve can be used to start and stop the flow, but it cannot adjust the flow level. However, they are actually used to isolate or connect liquids. Part of the flow is not ideally managed through the gate valve because it will damage the gate valve and cause vibrations.

The name comes from the operation way, a gate that slides between valve seats at right angles to the fluid flow. The shape of the gate can be wedge, knife or parallel.

Basic knowledge of the globe valve

The globe valve can be used to start, stop and adjust the flow, and the name comes from the shape of the valve body. The tapered plug enters and exits in the fluid flow during operation. The flow rate depends on the distance between the plug and the valve seat. It is necessary for operators to be careful and not to turn the valve stem too far, as this will damage the valve seat.

It provides greater resistance to fluid flow and has a higher pressure drop even when the valve is fully opened. The bronze pressure regulator also has a great performance in the pressure-reducing process. Apart from that, the OEM brass ball valve also has a good flow regulation function.

The difference between gate valve and globe valve

Physically, the gate valve is higher than the globe valve when they are fully opened, and the gate valve is more likely to cause wear of the valve seat and valve disc than the globe valve.

A major difference between the gate valve and the globe valve chinais that the former can be installed in different directions, while the latter can be installed in only one direction.

The gate valvesshould be installed where the valve can be fully opened and closed. If it is over-tightened, there will be risks of twisting the gate valve.

Usually, the globe valve has better sealing performance and longer service life than the gate valve. And it is more expensive than a similar-sized gate valve, but the extra cost is worth it in the case when throttling is required.

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