Eccentric Rotary Plug Control Valve

Series C/D

China Eccentric Rotary PlugControl Valve

UTMOST eccentric rotary disc valvehas the outstanding advantages of simple structure, small volume, lightweight, strong flow capacity, wide adjustable range, wide service temperature range, small leakage, good stability, low cost, and long service life.

As one ofprofessional china valves manufacturers, the sealing form of UTMOST eccentric rotary control valveis hard-seal, which is connected with a pneumatic actuator, matching positioner, solenoid valve, and other accessories to realize proportional adjustment.

Rotary Valve Working Principle

The rotary valve working principlee is a fan-shaped ball valve with eccentric rotation. The eccentric ball core of eccentric rotary plug control valveis tangent to the valve seat, and when it is opened, the spool is separated from the valve seat. When closed, the spool gradually confects the seat of valve, so that the ball exerts a pressing force on the valve seat. The eccentric rotary valve has a simple flow path and low resistance.

Eccentric Rotary PlugControl Valve Structure Feature

Compared with single seat control valve and double seat valves with the same caliber, eccentric rotary disc valve has a larger flow capacity, but its weight is only about 1/3. The spool and the main shaft only rotate, so the friction force it bears when the switch rotates is very small. The flexible arm of the eccentric rotary valve spool produces small elastic deformation and elastic tension under the thrust of the actuator, which makes the contact between the spool and the valve seat more close and firm, so the leakage of the eccentric rotary control valve is very small. At the same time, the thrust required to close the valve is smaller than that of the ball valve and butterfly valve.

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