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American University of Nigeria ( AUN ) is a private college, located in the northeast of Nigeria. It is founded in 2004, which is only American Style College in South Africa. Its teaching level is higher than other local universities because it provides professional American higher education for students. Muhammadu Sanusi II is an influential banker. Time magazine puts him on its list of the 100 most influential people of 2011. For awarding his outstanding contribution, Honorary Degree award medals are awarded. Honorary degree is also called honoris causa in Latin. It is a degree awarded to one person who has made a great contribution to a special area of society without examinations or thesis defense. However, People who get honorary degree cannot be called as Doctor. Some universities don't recognize the degree.

are finished by gold, which belongs tometal award medals. They are dual. Both of the two sides are designed with the logo of AUN. The logo is funny. The letter "A" is on the top while the letter " U " and "N " is interlaced each other. The logo is around by ear of wheat. The only difference of two sides is the text engraved and crafts. One logo is designed with 3D crafts while there is soft enamel craft on other side. In addition, the logo on one side is colored with green mainly, which looks like conspicuous. Each of AUN Award Medals comes with a polybag and a medal ribbon for free. If you have a large order, you will enjoy the discount price ofcheap award medals.Custom Award Medals No Minimum!

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