Scre Eye Bolts G-275

If you are going to buy scre eye bolts g-275 from one of the best suppliers,Website:, with scre eye bolts g-275 for sale, Qingdao Hailifeng Rigging Co.,Ltd is always at your service.Application fieldScre Eye Bolts G-275Product CodeShank Dia.&Length (in)Dimensions(in)Weight Each (kg/pc)ABCDEFGHJHLF02E011/4×20.251.502.002.502.940.500.880.190.470.020HLF02E025/l6×2-1/40.311.692.252.943.500.631.130.250.560.045HLF02E033/8×2-1/20.381.882.503.283.970.751.380.3l0.660.086HLF02E041/2×3-1/40.502.443.254.255.121.OO1.750.380.9l0.170HLF02E055/8×40.633.004.005.316.441.252.250.501.120.389


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