1A1 resin bond CBN abrasive disc processing tool steel

Introduction to resin diamond grinding wheel

The resin bond diamond wheels are mainly used for grinding tungsten carbide and non-metal materials. Various kinds of dimensions and shapes are available, such as flat shapes, cup shapes and dish shapes, etc.

1:Name:1A1 resin bond CBD grinding mill tool steel

2:Type Code: 1A1

3:Material: Diamond, CBN

4:Size: D. 25-500mm; T. 5-40mm; H. 10-127mm.

5:Line speed: 35~80 (M/S)

6:Grit: 80#~5000# (D251-D1)

7:Application Industry: Jewelry, Automobile, Aerospace, Oil drilling, Coal mining, Metal processing

8:Certification: ISO 9001:2008

9:Diamond grit: #100, #150, #200, #300, #400, or upon your request

10:Type: straight wheel, bowl-shaped wheel, cup-shaped wheel, dish- shaped wheeltapered one side or two sides and so on

Product Feature1:Easy to dress2:Good self-sharpening3:High finishing of work piece4:Specially for precision grinding and polishing

Resin bond diamond grinding wheel model:1: parallel grinding wheel2: parallel arc grinding wheel3: double-sided concave grinding wheel4: double bevelled grinding wheel5: bowl wheel

The diamond resin grinding wheel has good polishing effect, and the grinding wheel is sharp and difficult to plug. The specific features are as follows:

product classification

Diamond resin grinding wheel (resin knife grinding wheel) can be selected according to product models (parallel grinding wheel, parallel with arc grinding wheel, double concave grinding wheel, double hypotenuse grinding wheel, bowl shaped grinding wheel).

  1. Parallel wheel: mainly used for grinding of carbides and cutting edge
  2. Parallel - belt arc grinding wheel: mainly used in forming grinding of carbide and arc surface
  3. Double concave grinding wheel: mainly used for grinding measuring tools and non - core grinding machine
  4. Double bevelled grinding wheel: mainly used for forming grinding of carbide gear hob and thread cutter
  5. Bowl wheel: mainly used for cutting edge grinding of carbide cutting tools, high - speed steel cutting tools, also used for milling

1A1 Diamond grinding wheel is used for machining of conical,cylindrical and flat surface,cylindrical and conical aperatures. Our 1A1 diamond grinding wheels include ceramic diamond bruting wheel for natural diamond polishing, resin diamond grinding wheel for HVOF tungsten carbide coating, cylindrical diamond grinding wheel for PCD tools, CBN grinding wheel for crankshaft and camshaft grinding,vitrified diamond grinding wheel for rough and precision PDC cutter, etc


D (mm)

T (mm)

H (mm)

X (mm)



















25, 50


10, 25


25, 50


10, 25


25, 50




25, 50


25, 50

25, 50


25, 50


Other specification can be made according to customer requirement

Advantages Of Resin Diamond Grinding Wheel:

  1. High Cutting Efficiency,Good Self-Sharpening, Less Blocking,Reducing The Grinding Burn Occurs When The Phenomenon Of Work
  2. Good Flexibility Will Help To Improve The Surface Roughness, Mainly Used For Rough Grinding, Semi-Fine Grinding, Polishing And Other Processes
  3. Compared To Conventional Silicon Carbide , Resin Diamond Wheel Has Good Material Removal Rates, Longer Wheel Life And Lower Grinding Costs
  4. Resin Bond Diamond Wheels Generally Remove Material Up To Ten Times Faster Than Metal Bond Wheels

Production process of Resin bond diamond grinding wheel

4: compression ring (let stand for a period of time to wait for molding)

5: back mould

6: the abrasive layer is air-dried

Cook for 10 hours at 7:670 degrees

8: cooling (prepare the matrix at the same time)

10: measure stationarity


A: yes, you can. We will give some discount according to your quantity.

  1. ’s production progress?

A: we will keep closely track the production and shipment progress. And we will inform you with the newest progress about producing and shipping.

A: We have pass the ISO 9001:2008. If there is any problem with our products, please send me the detailed picture of the problem, once we verify it, we will change the products for you within 30 days.

Q4: When I contact you is suitable?

You can contact Us at any time, we promise that we will reply you within 12 hours.

A:So, please contact me for more information about our product, service and related issues.

Why choose our product

More SuperHard Products Co., Ltd is dedicated to finding solutions that help our clients in all markets succeed. More SuperHard has been manufacturing high-quality, competitively priced superabrasivediamond and cbn tools that are designed to perform in a wide range of industrial ,such as pcd tools grinding, natural diamond polishing, auto parts processing , thermal spray coated industry, optical glass, semicon and led industry, woodworking tool , cnc tool grinding and roll machining ,others ultral precision industry.

The company production and sales of products covered vitrified bond tools, resin bond tools, metal bond tools, electroplated diamond/cbn tools, vaccum brazed products, cvd diamond tools, polycrystalline diamond (pcd) tools, cubic boron nitride (cbn) tools.our objective is to meet all the customers’ needs and help every customer achieve maximum benefits. more brings in revenue for you, you win, we win!

More SuperHard supplies the wheels for several application mainly:

  1. Carbide round tools on cnc machines : flute grinding, gash grinding, end facing, clearance angle and cylindrical grinding .
  2. Insert grinding for machines such as: agathon, wendt, haas, waida and ewag.
  3. Woodworking saw blade and tools .
  4. Hss tools
  5. Cutting wheels

Products Range:

  1. 2. PCD milling tools, PCD turning tools, PCD drilling tools, PCD engraving tools, PCD/pcbn inserts, PCD/pcbn cutting tools, PCD/pcbn grooving tools, CBN inserts3. PCD/TSP diamond, CVD diamond tools, large size synthetic diamond, Natural diamond tools, diamond abrasive tools4. diamond grinding&cutting discs, diamond cutting blade, diamond cup wheel, diamond dressers5. Roller cutting tools, PDC cutters, PDC drill bits& PDC core bits6. PCD tool grinder & PCD grinding machine

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