Flexible Diamond Belts Diamond sand belt for polishing and


The open dot pattern provides flexibility, aggressive cutting and reduced loading. The flexible backing also means they run great on your existing expanding drums. Micron Diamond Grading also maintains the finish throughout an extremely long life! Works on metal, stone and ceramics. Our disks do not have arbor holes to provide you with an uninterrupted work surface allowing you to use the full surface of the disk, however we can customize.

Features:1. Material: aluminum oxide, zirconia, silicion carbide

  1. 3. Specially designed for auto bodywork and furniture4.Can be used on all unfinished and painted surfaces


35mm*2400mm - 1300mm*2800mm, other size also available

Grit 60#-320#

Applications of diamond sanding belt

Diamond abrasive belts Could be well grinding and polishing on glass, ceramic, marble, stones, mono crystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, synthetic material, hard alloy, aluminium alloy and others.

Diamond belts come in two types: Electroplated (Plated) diamond belts and Resin diamond belts .

The diamond sanding belt was composed by three parts : base belts,diamond power and bond

  1. Base Belt: the base belt is the support of diamond power and bond,it can leads the sanding belt to be pliability,the capability of the base belt have radial extend intensity, latitudinal extend intensity,elongate rate,density of mesh .
  2. Diamond Power : the diamond power are the main factors of the sanding belt,it is for grinding and cutting. We need to consider it’s grain size and composing of grain size,intensity of pressure, toughness of impact,shape of the power and embedded density.
  3. Bond : the bond is the join bridge of diamond power and base belt,it can lets the sanding belts have its shape and intensity.

The cases of diamond sanding belts

flexible dimaond belt for grinding and finishing of HVOF Coatings.

The specifications of flexible diamond belts :

Width: 5-350mm


Grit: 40-5000#

Why choose our product

More SuperHard Products Co., Ltd is dedicated to finding solutions that help our clients in all markets succeed. More SuperHard has been manufacturing high-quality, competitively priced superabrasivediamond and cbn tools that are designed to perform in a wide range of industrial ,such as pcd tools grinding, natural diamond polishing, auto parts processing , thermal spray coated industry, optical glass, semicon and led industry, woodworking tool , cnc tool grinding and roll machining ,others ultral precision industry.

The company production and sales of products covered vitrified bond tools, resin bond tools, metal bond tools, electroplated diamond/cbn tools, vaccum brazed products, cvd diamond tools, polycrystalline diamond (pcd) tools, cubic boron nitride (cbn) tools.our objective is to meet all the customers’ needs and help every customer achieve maximum benefits. more brings in revenue for you, you win, we win!

More SuperHard supplies the wheels for several application mainly:

  1. Carbide round tools on cnc machines : flute grinding, gash grinding, end facing, clearance angle and cylindrical grinding .
  2. Insert grinding for machines such as: agathon, wendt, haas, waida and ewag.
  3. Woodworking saw blade and tools .
  4. Hss tools
  5. Cutting wheels

Products Range:

  1. 2. PCD milling tools, PCD turning tools, PCD drilling tools, PCD engraving tools, PCD/pcbn inserts, PCD/pcbn cutting tools, PCD/pcbn grooving tools, CBN inserts3. PCD/TSP diamond, CVD diamond tools, large size synthetic diamond, Natural diamond tools, diamond abrasive tools4. diamond grinding&cutting discs, diamond cutting blade, diamond cup wheel, diamond dressers5. Roller cutting tools, PDC cutters, PDC drill bits& PDC core bits6. PCD tool grinder & PCD grinding machine

Packaging and shipping


Carton, plastic bag,or as your request


we use DHL,UPS,FEDEX,ect.to ship the goods,or according to the customer's requirement

Delivery time

about3-7days, for special time according to your quantity

Our services


A: yes, you can. We will give some discount according to your quantity.

  1. ’s production progress?

A: we will keep closely track the production and shipment progress. And we will inform you with the newest progress about producing and shipping.

A: We have pass the ISO 9001:2008. If there is any problem with our products, please send me the detailed picture of the problem, once we verify it, we will change the products for you within 30 days.

Q4: When I contact you is suitable?

You can contact Us at any time, we promise that we will reply you within 12 hours.

A:So, please contact me for more information about our product, service and related issues.

If you have any questions, please contact us

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To meet your requirements in every way, we need the following information

----- Shape and Dimension of the wheels

----- Grit size (Mesh, refer to Table#1)

----- Concentration

----- Bond(Resinoid, Vitrified, Metallic, Electroplated)

----- Quantity


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