Directional Stainless Steel Tactile Mat (XC-MDB6011D)

Dimensionsof directional tactile pavers: 300mm X 300mm X 6.2mm (1.5mm base, 4.7mm high tactile projections).

Material: Solid 316L stainless steel (one piece construction)

Colors: Stainless steel lustre, black surface finish.

Type: Hazard, directional.

Location: Indoor, outdoor

Slip resistance rating: P4

Luminous reflectance values (mean): stainless steel lustre model: 47.47. Black surface finish model: 6.30

Suitable substrates: Concrete, asphalt, ceramics, stones, woods, carpet, plastics, steel, aluminium.

Installation: Install direct on existing substrate.

Notes: Useful for mechanical fix only applications. Durable and economical solution.

Wuyi xiongchang Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd was incorporated in March 2001 to manufacture and market high-quality tactile ground indicatorsfor the vision impaired. For over 15 years this organization has been a leader in the field of tactile indicators.


至: Wuyi Xiongchang Hardware Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
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