Directional Tactile Indicator Bar & Strips

Wuyi Xiongchang offers a large range of different Directional tactile indicator designs to allow for your exact choice. Tactile indicators are designed and manufactured to comply with the different standards in the world , such as JIS standards in Janpan, AS/NZS 1428.4.1.2009 in Astralia and New Zealand.

All kinds standards set out requirements for new build work, for the design and application of tactile indicators, to ensure safe and dignified mobility of people who are blind or vision impaired.

The Functions of Directional Tactile Indicator Bar & Strips

Directional tactile indicators are guided the way for the blind or vision-impaired.

(A).To give directional orientation in open spaces where there are insufficient

tactile directional cues, e.g., handrails or walls;

NOTE: A person who is blind or vision impaired may need to negotiate a large

internal/external public space, plaza or courtyard to have access to reception, a toilet,a public tele or other facility for which there are no existing tactile directional cues.

(B). To designate the route to be taken to avoid a hazard in the absence of existing

tactile cues.

(C). To give directional orientation where a person must deviate. Our main material is Stainless steel ( Marine Grade stainless steel 316 & 304), Brass , Red copper , Aluminum , Polyurethane (PU ) .

Application Field of tactile directional indicators

They are ideally designed to be installed onto pedestrian surfaces such as as Metro ,Airport ,Schools ,Bus station ,Railway station ,Plaza , Childcare Centres etc.

We have two ranges. Series I is our standard range which are stocked items, however Series II consists of TGSI which are not generally stocked and could be up to a 2-4 weeks lead time.

Wuyi xiongchang Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd was incorporated in March 2001 to manufacture and market high-quality ground surface indicatorsfor the vision impaired. For over 15 years this organization has been a leader in the field of stair tactile indicators.


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