2mm Mdf Cut To Size engineer wood panel

Furniture frame supports 2 mm 3 mm MDF board cut scale MDF cutting size advantage 2 mm, 3 mm, MDF cut into size, showing good warp performance, it can be easily bound or bent. It can be easily glued, bent, printed, veneered or coated with PVC or decorative paper through simple techniques. Its excellent strength/weight relationship makes it ideal for wide use. Application of MDF 2 mm, 3 mm, MDF cut according to size, suitable for frame backing, furniture backing, arc structure or bottom of drawer. Other USES: mold, indoor wood products. MDF cutting size performance Physical mechanical properties The static bending strength, plane tensile strength and elastic modulus are all large because of the uniform structure of fiber in the plate and the high connection strength between fibers. But, because MDF is composed by log, changed the relation of the residence and lumber completely, moisture absorption sex, bibulous property, ply expands than taller, and compare with particleboard, of nail hold nail force poorer. Decorative performance Because MDF has a smooth surface, it can easily glue veneer, thin paper and other decorative materials together, and can also easily paint and save paint. Processing performance MDF can build up plates from several millimeters to many millimeters thick, can replace any thickness of wood and square, and has the advantage of good cutting performance, sawing, drilling, grooving, boring, sanding and carving boards in almost any shape, the processed surface is smooth. MDF cut into size delivery service provider - leshan Since 1999, yueyama has provided outstanding services to trade and home and office furniture manufacturers in a variety of joinery furniture projects, as well as cutting and edging MDF panels to a range of materials of precisely required sizes. Commercial plywood, melamine face plywood (MF layer), melamine face particle-board (MFC), medium density fibreboard (MDF), etc. We have 120,000 square meters of plant, equipped with the latest computer control equipment, by our experienced technical workers to ensure that your project production of the highest requirements and accuracy. We can handle the delivery of large volumes in a simple turnaround, delivery


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