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Centerless Grinding Wheels

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All kinds of coordinate grinder, tool grinder and complex cutting special grinding machine Grinding is the semi-finishing and finish machining of one of the main processing method, grinding wheel is the important tool of grinding, grinding wheel is generally installed in plane grinding, cylindrical grinding machine and internal grinder, can also be installed on the grinding machine for grinding tool.

Centerless grinding machine







Now we can provide you with outer diameter 100 mm to 600 mm between the various specifications of centerless grinding wheel, and can according to customer special requirements for special products, meet your most demanding needs.


  1. The high resistance of bad working conditions such as high fever
  2. For a variety of processing items of multi-functional use
  3. High cutting ability
  4. High equilibrium ability expanded covering interval
  5. The geometry of high-performance components
  6. On the surface of the grinding wheel cant continue 8. Lower production costs



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