Grinding Wheel sets for CNC Machining centers

CVD diamond tool

CVD Diamond graver tool


Natural diamond without inner boundary uniform crystal structure of the cutting tool edge theory can bring to the straightness and sharpness of atomic;Thin cutting when the cutting ability, high precision, small cutting force;

Natural diamond's hardness, abrasion resistance, abrasion resistance and chemical stability, ensures the supernormal life of the cutting tool, cutting, to ensure the normal order of the last long and reduce because of the influence of tool wear on the processing precision of parts;Its high thermal conductivity and can reduce the cutting temperature and the thermal deformation of parts.


Single crystal diamond can meet the precision and ultra precision cutting tool most requirements, although expensive still is acknowledged as the ideal of precision and ultra precision cutting tool materials.Can be widely used in processing the original nuclear reactors and other high technology in the field of various navigation gyroscope in the mirror, missile and rocket, the computer hard disk substrate, the accelerator gun ultra-precision processing;And traditional parts, jewelry, watches, pen, non-ferrous metal precision machining, etc.In addition, can also be used for carving characters, the fine print, emboss, suitable for marble, granite, ceramic, acrylic, glass, etc.

Diamond pen to use, and matters needing attention

Does diamond pen is fixed on the fixture, radial vertical slip surface and bond diamond grinding wheel, chain axial and radial into a 15 degree Angle of the grinding wheel for the best, for renovation.

when you finishing the tools the feed amount per trip 0.02 0.04 mm, longitudinal feed speed wants even, had better use automatic feeding) general feeding speed is 100-500 mm/min, when finishing feeding speed is lower than coarse feeding speed, work schedule 2-4 times, the empty schedule 1 to 2 times.



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