CVD Synthetic Diamond Plates

CVD Synthetic Diamond Plates

CVD Diamond Is Used For Ultra Precision Cutting Tools (Such As CVD Indexable Inserts, CVD Boring Tools, CVD Reamers, CVD Milling Tools And Other Non-Stand Tools ).

Name: CVD Synthetic Diamond Plates
Application: Ultra Precision Cutting Tools
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CVD SyntheticDiamond(Also Known As Chemical Vapor DepositionDiamond) Is Pure Diamond Polycrystalline Structure ,No Metal Binder .Our CVD Diamond Is Used For Precision Cutting Tools.

Applications Of CVD Diamond Plates:

CVD Diamond Is Used For Semi-Finishing, Finishing, Super Finishing And Continuous Cutting Of Ultra Precision Cutting Tools. In Addition, The CVD Diamond Is Also Used For Other High-Tech Applications (Such As Diamond Dresser, Wire Drawing Die, Electronics,Optical Window, Heat Spreader And Gem Stone Industry, Etc).

Advantages Of CVD Diamond Plates:

High Transmission,Good Thermal Stability And Chemical Stability.. It Is The Best Replacement Of Natural Diamond .

CVD Diamond Has Low Surface Roughness And Good Cutting Edge Compared To PCD Tools.

CVD Diamond Has Higher Wear Resistance Than PCD And Other Diamond Materials.

The Thermal Conductivity Of CVD Diamond Is 50% Higher Than PCD.

Good Hardness And Long Life Exceed HPHT And Natural Diamond.

The Specification Of CVD Diamond Plates :

Length * Width * Thickness (Mm)
CVD diamond plates 1 * 1 * 1
2 * 2 * 1
3 * 3 * 1
4 * 4 * 1
5 * 5 * 1
6 * 6 * 1
7 * 7 * 1
8 * 8 * 1
9 * 9 * 1
10 * 10 * 1
11* 11 * 1
12 * 12 * 1
Thickness Of CVD Diamond Plate From 0.3mm To 3mm


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