vitrified diamond wheel rough, finish PDC cutter

Vitrified diamond grinding wheels for PCD & PCBN tools

vitrified diamond grinding wheels are used for grinding PCD and PCBN tools. The grain sizes of PCD grinding wheels from rough D35 to super finish D3.

Alias: vitrified bond diamond grinding wheel
Application: PCD & PCBN tools grinding
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Applications Ofvitrified diamond wheelsFor PCD And PCBN Tools

pcd cutting tools, pcbn cutting tools, cvd tools, mcd tools, milling cutter, reamer, drill and regrinding, etc

Advantages Of Vitrified Diamond Wheels For PCD And PCBN Tools

* The porous structure of the abrasive improved diamond exposure and can prevent vertical streaks on workpiece and improve surface quality

* Accurately control geometric tolerances to make a good abrasive layer

* Good self-sharpening, high grinding efficiency,high wear resistance and less abrasive grain consumption

* High precision workpiece. pcd tools can reach high efficiency , good surface finish and edge no chipping

* Vitrified bond wheels offer tool life greater than 150 times that of a resin bond wheel and can be easily trued and dressed on the machine

Specifications Of Vitrified Diamond Grinding Wheel

Model D (mm) T (mm) H (mm) W (mm) X (mm)
6A2 diamond cup wheel 150 40 32, 40 5, 10, 15, 20 10
125 40 32, 40 5, 10, 15, 20 10
100 40 20, 32, 40 3, 5, 10, 15,20 10
Grit: 325/400, W40 (500#), W28 (600#), W20 (800#), W10 (1500#), W5 (3000#), W3 (5000#)

Grain Size Selection Of Vitrified Diamond Grinding Wheel

Grain Size Machining Type Application

W40(500#,D35), W28(D20)

rough Regrinding a blade edge profile and sharpening of much worn inserts
W14 (1200#,D15) universal

Standard grain size also can get a high sharpening efficiency, good quality surfaces

W10 (1500#, D15) finish Finishing grinding - getting a very good quality of machined surfaces
W5 (4000#, D3) W3.5 (5000#,D1) super finish Super finish grinding - getting a brilliant quality of machined surfaces
Others grits can be made according to customers' requirements. Email:

4000# vitrified diamond wheel for PCD tool grinding1500# vitrified diamond wheel for PCD tool grindingpcd tool grinding

PCD And PCBN Tools For Grinding Machines

Ewag, Anca, COBORN, Farman and others PCD grinding machine.

(More SuperHard provides a full range of PCD and PCBN tools solutions.PCD Grinding )

Application cases of vitrified diamond wheels for PCD tools grinding

* #1500 #325 vitrified diamond wheels for PCD grinding have sent to Malaysian customer

PCD grinding wheels size 150D * 40T * 40H * 8W * 10X
PCD grinding wheels grain size rough #325, finishing #1500
Workpiece materials PCD grinding


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