Choke Valve

Technology Specification:

The design meets the requirement of API SPEC 6A.

Nominal bore:21/16″-41/16″

Rated working pressure: 2000-20000PSI

Rated working temp:K、L、P、R、S、T、U、V

Material class: AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF

Product specification level: PSL1-PSL3G

Performance requirement level: PR1-PR2

Suitable medium: Petroleum, natural gas,mud

Choke valve is classified into needle-type adjustable, barrel-type adjustable and orifice

Connection mode: Flanged and thread

Driving mode: Manual& hydraulic

Features in Design:

Valve needle and valve core are made of hard alloy steel with some properties of erosion

Resistance and corrosion resistance

Take the effect of adjustment of flow-rate and pressure and opening/closing the choke valve

Needle structure is used for x mas tree assembly, and barrel for choke manifold

Our company is one of the best adjustable choke valve manufacturers,we produce oil and gas choke valve.As one of the professional big oil field companies,we will introduce choke valve typesto you.


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