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门铰链 size 3"x2.5 - 1.8-3.0mm 4"x3" - 2.0-4.0mm 4"x3.5 - 2.0-4.0mm 5"x3" - 2.0-4.0mm 6"x3" - 2.0-4.0mm
美式喉箍 Type Package Size (cm) Pcs/box Weight(kgs)/box 8-13mm 8mm 43×15×22 2000 13 10-16mm 43×15×22 2000 13 13-19mm 33×21.5×25.5 2000 14 16-23mm ...
金属门,者防盗门 1) Material: cold-rolled steel 2) Thickness of the door leaf can be choosed: 5cm/7cm/9cm 3) Frame outer sizes (H x W)can be choosed: a) 2,050 ...
汽缸垫片 LADA Brake Pads,Cylinder Head Gaskets,Engine Overhaul Kits,Oil Drain Plugs,Valve Seals
消防水带 喉 管 彩色消防水带 TPE衬里消防水带 双面胶消防水带 PU衬里消防水带 全涤纶橡胶衬里消防水带 涤纶短纤橡胶衬里消防水带 双层消防水带

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