Syno® 2.0 Gene Synthesis Services

Gene Synthesis

Synbio Technologies is one of the leading companies insynthetic biologyindustry, especially with respect to gene synthesis. We have developed the complete platform with the1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 Technologiesto meet our customers’ needs in flux, delivery cycle, pricing, sequence complexity and other various dimensions. Typically, we synthesize over 2 million base pairs of DNA sequences each month which includes a wide range of genes, genomes, and other various biological pathways with guaranteed sequence accuracy. The resulting products are then delivered globally to our customers within an efficient timeframe.

According to the DNA or amino acid sequences you provided, we will de novo synthesize the error-free DNA sequences and clone them into any vector, both commercial or custom, as requested. To provide our customers with the highest quality output, Sanger sequencing will be conducted to verify the sequence accuracy. With our professional research team and effective systems in place, we promise our customers a one-stop location that will satisfy all their gene synthesis needs.

Gene Synthesis Advantages

    • ProprietaryCodon Optimization Technology:FREE codon optimization, enables a significant increase in protein expression.

    • Experienced Project Management Team:Provides professional and timely support throughout your entire project, from project design to project delivery.

    • Leading Syno®DNA Synthesis Platform:Complete platform with the entire Syno®1.0-3.0 technologies to meet the customer needs in flux, delivery cycle, pricing, synthesis difficulty and other different dimensions.

    • Syno®Assembly Technology:Capable of generating genetic sequences up to 150Kb.

    • Guarantee 100% Sequence Accuracy:For all genes delivered by Synbio Technologies.

  • Intellectual Property Protection:All our customers’ intellectual project related rights are fully respected and protected.

Standard Gene Synthesis Process


Gene Synthesis Services

Syno®2.0 Gene Synthesis
100% sequence accuracy, effectively deliver complex sequences including repetitive, strong hairpin, high GC content sequences
3.0 Gene Synthesis
Next generation DNA synthesis platform, high throughput and cost effective, gene synthesis starts at $0.09/bp, 100% sequence accuracy

Patented codon optimization technology, increase of protein expression level in most host cells
Vector Construction
shRNA, TALEN, CRISPR-Cas9 construction and validation
Small Genome Synthesis & Assembly
Synthesis and Assembly Services on Gene Cluster and Small Genome, guarantee 100% accuracy on all of your delivered DNA orders
Pathway Synthesis & Assembly
Proprietary metabolic pathway design platform, Syno® Assembly technology ensures long gene synthesis up to 200 kbp

Gene Synthesis Service Specifications

Gene Length Order Size Codon Optimization Price Turnaround Time
(business days)
< 1.5 kb <100 kbp Free (optional) Starts at $0.19/bp
100-200 kbp Free (optional) Starts at $0.12/bp
200-500 kbp Free (optional) Starts at $0.10/bp
>500 kbp Free (optional) Starts at $0.09/bp
1.5-4 kb <100 kbp Free (optional) Quote 10-15
≥ 100 kbp Free (optional) Quote Quote
4-6 kb <100 kbp Free (optional) Quote 20-25
≥ 100 kbp Free (optional) Quote Quote
6-9 kb <100 kbp Free (optional) Quote 25-30
≥ 100 kbp Free (optional) Quote Quote
> 9 kb <100 kbp Free (optional) Quote Quote
≥ 100 kbp Free (optional) Quote Quote

Note: The turnaround time and price apply to the non-complex sequences. Please contact

Vector Information

Vector type Multiple clone sites
Puc57-Amp Yes
Puc57-Kan Yes

Delivery form

Synbio Technologies’ standard package including:

  • 4 µg of lyophilized plasmid DNA
  • Sequencing chromatogram
  • Certificate of analysis (COA)

Gene Synthesis Wiki

  • Artificial Gene Synthesis and Traditional Molecular Cloning

Related Services

    • Cloning:

Professional cloning protocol.
Ability to clone any requested genetic sequence into any site of any vector.

    • Mutagenesis:

Including: base deletion, insertion, site-directed mutagenesis and arbitrary editing.

    • Plasmid Preparation:

High quality plasmids from research grade to transfection grade.

    • Protein Expression and Purification:

Guaranteed 3 mg protein of 85% purity with ourGuaranteed Protein PackageinE. coliexpression system

Gene Synthesis Applications

  • Humanized Antibody Library
  • Protein Directed Evolution
  • Genetic Engineering Vaccine
  • Digital Information Storage

How to order gene synthesis services

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