Natural aroma ingredientsare extracted from natural sources such as flowers, fruits, wood, and spices, whereas synthetic aroma ingredients are produced from chemical compounds such as esters, aldehydes, alcohols, musk chemicals, and terpenes. All of the ingredients are physically obtained from plants without altering their chemical structures. The ingredients of a natural fragrance can come from any natural source.

Types of Natural Aroma Ingredients

Chrysanthemum Extract

Black Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract

What Do Natural Aroma Ingredients Do?

Aroma ingredient is a naturally or synthetically natural botanical extracts, which is added to food products or cosmetics to impart the desired fragrance. Natural Aroma Ingredients are appropriate for use in products where it is desirable to avoid the use of synthetics.

The Benefits of Natural Aroma Ingredients

High performing (compared to aromatic extracts)

No synthetic chemicals

More mass appeal

Greater flexibility



Natural Aroma Ingredients FAQs


What Is Aroma Ingredient?


Aroma is a term for ingredient labeling used to identify that a product contains a material or combination of materials normally added to a cosmetic to produce or to mask a particular flavor.


What Is Natural Aroma In Food?


Natural flavors as those that derive their aroma or flavor chemicals from plant or animal sources, including fruit, meat, fish, spices, herbs, roots, leaves, buds or bark that are distilled, fermented or otherwise manipulated in a lab.


What Are Natural Food Ingredients?


Natural ingredients are derived from natural sources (e.g., soybeans and corn provide lecithin to maintain product consistency; beets provide beet powder used as food coloring). Other ingredients are not found in nature and therefore must be synthetically produced as artificial ingredients.

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