Hotel Breakfast Food Pink Table Mat Cotton Restaurant Place Mat

                    Cotton  place mat 1. Place mat  Description* Place mat Specification *Feature of Place mat 1.good quality,low density;2.non-toxic,tasteless;3.convenient,practical;4.waterproof,  anti-corrosion;5.durable,light weight,eco-friendly;6.bacteria resistant,BPA free;7. disposable,oil proof,biodegradable.* Place mat Details* Our certification * Our Lab* How to process2. Our service3.Cooperation Countries4. Company information* Our Factory* Raw Materials*OurTeam* Our Friendship * Packing&shipping*Payment&Shipment5. Contact*Friendly Tips: If you find our tapes interested, please to us.Our team would offer different solutions to you within 12 hours. Free samples are also available.


至: Family Cares ( Xiamen ) Trading Co., Ltd
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