OEM Effective Cialis Natural Male Sex Enhancement Pill

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Product Name: Powerful Sex Pill Cialis Ingredient: Male Sex Extract
Gender: Male Side Effect: No
Shelf Life: 3 Years OEM / ODM: Provided

Effective Cialis natural male sex enhancement pill longer sexual time

Cialis,also known as tadalafil, specially researched for male erection dysfunction. English name: cialisr, chinacialisr. Similar to Viagra, it is also a world-famous male impotence drug in the world, to some extend, it also can prolong melae sex time, which has a large number of fans. But he has more advantages than Viagra:

1.After taking 20mg, its working time is theoretically faster than the vagara. Bullock, Canada urologist doctor said, 16 minutes after eating cialis 20mg, erection will happen subjected to sexual stimulation, but Vagara need 45 minutes.

2.the efficacy of long sex duration, Cialis can work lasting 36 hours, but Vagara only can last 4-5 hours. It does not affect the normal work and life, which belongs to warm sexual health products.

3.no blue fantasy and facial flushing of side effects, however, there is still with the micro sense of discomfort as the main side effect.

4.Only need a little of dosage, which is true. Generally Vagara(sildenafil) ned to be took 50-100mg. Cialis only need just 20-25mg.

Cialisis effective in improving erectile dysfunction, as the best treatment for ED. Cialis has a more lasting efficacy than other erectile dysfunction drugs, so that patients have more time to arrange sex

life with a partner, users can take the free choice to enjoy sex time after taking within 24 hours, no limitations of time and efficacy. Just after taking the sexual stimulation, at any time to have sex.


1. Avoid eating greasy food two hours before taking the cialis, in order not to affect the efficacy, do not take other drugs after taking Cialis, especially acid drugs.

2. People with an unstable heart, coronary artery disease and using nitroglycerin medication are not suitable for taking.

3. this product is only between husband and wife, the couple to use, do not for other purposes.

4. Do not overdose.

Applicable group:male with Erectile dysfunction problem.

Specification:20mg*30 pills.

Usage&Dosage:take one pill 30 minutes before sex intercourse.

Store in cool and dry place.

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