GE Datex-Ohmeda S/5 Anesthesia Monitor

S/5 monitors are intuitive to use. Learn to use one, and you
will know how to use them all.

  • 1 Access to information is fast and easy
  • 1 Video and flat panel displays let you see patient data as
  • you wish
  • 1 Flexible mounting options help you configure your
  • workspace the way you want it

Seamless information flow

  • Networking gives you fast and easy access to clinical information when and where you need it.
  • 1 Data continuity and transfer between care areas is seamless
  • and easy when the S/5 Anesthesia Monitor is connected to
  • the S/5 Network
  • 1 With the S/5™
  • Central and Web Viewer, you can access
  • patient data wherever you need it: at the central station, in
  • other care areas, or in the doctor’s office

Data exchange allows seamless communication between your
anesthesia monitor and external devices.

  • 1 Integrate real-time data from external patient devices into
  • your monitor for viewing and record keeping purposes
  • 1 Collect data from the monitor and conduct research effortlessly at your own personal computer
  • 1 Optional electronic anesthesia record keeping


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