Din Type ECG Lead Wire Sets

1. DIN Series 3/5 lead leadwires,Website:, AHA,85cm2. Compatibility: all DIN Series Trunk cable .3. Compatible Brand: Biosys, Creative,Datascope,Nihon Kohden,AIR SHIELDS,(NARCO,Vickers)ATL ULTRASOUND, BIOCHEM, INTERNATIONAL,COLIN Medical,CRITICARE,IVY.  


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1. Description:Shanghai 3F IRIS Spo2 sensor ,Website:. Connector Guid: 6 pins3. Compatibilities:3F  IRIS 300/ IRIS 400, Phoebe PMS8300/8310,  Phoeb...
Description:MEK Biosys SPO2 adapter cableConnector: 7pin >DB9F Website:
Abbott/Medex Compatible Disposable IBP Transducers,Website: Transducers
1. Biocare  adult finger clip  spo2 sensor,Website:. Connector : 5pin, 80 degree3. Compatible: BP-12B, BP-12C (Digital Tech)
1.Description: Mindray Adult Finger Clip Spo2 Sensor,Website: Guide: Redel 6-Pins , 80 degree3.Compatibility:  PM 6000, PM 6201, PM 7000, PM 8000, ...

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