EN 143 Mask Automatic Filtering Performance Tester

The tester is used for performance testing of filter elements, disposable masks, filter media, etc. for respiratory protection products. It's suitable for safety testing of such products, basic filtration performance evaluation and development guidance for new products.
It is applicable to the performance verification of new products , quality control of the production department, and the of material properties for the third-party testing organization, the product performance verification laboratory, and the quality and technic al supervisiondepartment, etc.
Testing of Mask Material Filtering Performance:
With clean compressed air, the prepared NaCl solution or a similar solution such as DEHS/PAO are sprayed from the aerosol generator. After passing through a classifier (inertia principle), unneeded large particles are collected into the collection bottle, and particles meeting the requirements enter into the test system from the nozzle of aerosol generator.
G506 Mask Automatic Filtering Performance Tester:
1. The aerosol emitted by the aerosol generator requires two treatments before reaching the tested filter material : 1. Produce aerosol salt particles by mixing with the heated gas (for salt spray). 2. Neutralize the static electricity carried by the aerosol through an electrostatic neutralizer, this treatment is to reduce the impact of particle loss and static electricity on the test results.
2. After the aerosol is processed by the above two treatments, it reaches to the surface of tested filer material at a certain flow rate (flow rate), and then the test procedure is started. For the filter efficiency test, the test time is very short, and it takes only a few seconds to complete the test. For the loading experiment, the experiment is relatively long. The particle counter or laser scattering photometer is used to measure the concentration or mass concentration of the upstream and downstream aerosol, and to calculate the filtration efficiency. At the same time,the pressure drop on both sides of the filter is measured by the differential pressure sensor.
Standards compliant:
NIOSH 42 CFR Part 84 Respiratory protection device;
EN 143 Respiratory protective device - particulate filters - requirements,
inspections and signs;
JMOL This protective mask standard;
GB 19083 Technical requirements for medical protective mask;
GB2626 Self-priming filter type anti-particle respirator;
GB 32610 Daily protective mask technical specifications.
Several Major Features:
Smart touch screen control + test report printing
PLC control system, more efficient and reliable, programmable 7-inch color LCD touch screen,Achieve a variety of functions such as control, detection, calculation and data display.
Multiple test fixtures:
The instrument has a variety of test fixtures that can test different types of masks.
High degree of automation:
The device is designed as a double control pneumatic clamping method, which is easy to operate and has high safety.
Powerful built-in function:
The equipment can test the penetration efficiency, penetration resistance and flow rate. At the same time, the flow pressure difference of the equipment can be set arbitrarily, thus satisfying various experiments, stable performance and good repeatability of test data.


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