Standards and requirements for pharmaceutical centrifuges

Pharmaceutical centrifugeis a machine that uses centrifugal force to separate liquid and solid particles or components of a mixture of liquid and liquid. The pharmaceutical centrifuge is mainly used to separate the solid particles in the suspension from the liquid, or to separate the two liquids in the emulsion which are different in density and incompatible with each other. It is widely used in the medical field, and blood separation, virus research, DNA research, and drug purification are widely used in pharmaceutical centrifuges. Microscopically, cells and DNA molecules need to be separated by high-speed medical centrifuges. These high-speed centrifuges usually rotate at speeds above 5000 rpm and below 60,000 rpm, which can provide centrifugal force of 10,000 times gravity acceleration for fine molecular separation. The blood separation is generally performed by a centrifugal separator of 3000 rpm. Currently, most manufacturers can produce it, and it has also received good results in actual use.
It can also be used to remove liquids from wet solids, and special overspeed pharmaceutical centrifuges can also separate gas mixtures of different densities. Some high-speed pharmaceutical centrifuges can also separate solid particles by density or particle size by utilizing the different sedimentation speeds of solid particles of different densities or particle sizes in the liquid.
Before the GMP transformation, most of the centrifuges selected by the pharmaceutical industry were just conventional centrifuges, which were not much different from chemical centrifuges, but only met the most basic separation requirements. In recent years, the domestic pharmaceutical industry has been reformed, and higher requirements have been put forward for centrifuges. Under the premise of maintaining the separation characteristics of pharmaceutical centrifuges, it is also necessary to meet the requirements of the “Good Manufacturing Practices” for equipment.
In terms of efficacy, the pharmaceutical centrifuge has the characteristics of good adaptability, high degree of automation, stable operation, strong processability, good corrosion resistance, good operating environment, complete and reliable safety protection device, and beautiful appearance.



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