Medical Tape

FULUOprovides different types of medical tapefor different application like tubing, needling, fixing all kinds of dressings or bandages and so on. Their medical tape with holesfeatures are the following:

Low allergenic and hypoallergenic adhesive

Nontoxic, Latex-free, low allergenic, nonirritant, and nonallergenic

Medicated tape is sticky, stable and friendly

The surgical tape protects the muscle, easy to tear.

No remains on the skin

Strong permeable, the skin can breathe naturally and decrease the possibility of infection when using adhesive bandage tapes.

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Medical Tape Definition

Namely we often say medical tape, is mainly composed of cotton cloth and adhesive, this kind of product is strict with the proportion of the adhesive, fixed, mainly used for various materials required adhesive performance is good, but because such products adhesiveness is better, so for people who are allergic to adhesive, using this kind of tape for skin, Can easily cause a troublesome allergic reaction.

If it is allergic to skin, it is necessary to use anti-allergic adhesive tape.

Specially developed for allergic people, the above two types of anti-allergy adhesive tape adhesion is relatively low, so it can not be used as a fixed, only the so-called pressure-sensitive medical adhesive tape substitute.

More extensive application scope of this kind of adhesive tape, use also is bigger, because the adhesiveness is better, plus the tape itself is transparent, and there are many small air holes, so it is very suitable for bonded and fixed applicable as a large area of skin, because the product is better, and permeability is strong, good adhesion, and is seen by some as a raw material of stick double-fold eyelid tape.

FULUO, a professional wound dressingsupplier in China, offers a range of medical tape products, such as surgical paper tape, cloth medical tape, silk medical tape and foam medical tape.

Our medical-related products are available in different sizes and packaging forms according to our customers' needs.

Medical Tape Uses

How to Get Medical Tape off Skin

When sticking the tape, shave the hair or avoid the places with more hair as far as possible, otherwise one is unable to stick, the other is to tear the hair will cause pain. When shaving hair, the area should be slightly larger than the adhesive tape. Shave hair gently to avoid damaging the skin.

If you have long hair, hold down the base of the hair while tearing so it doesn't hurt to tear down the hair bit by bit, or just sacrifice a little hair and cut some off.

Dip a clean cotton swab in the baby oil and simply rub it on the area where the tape comes in contact with your skin. The tape will come off very easily and cleanly without a trace. The reason is that the tape has a lot of holes in it, and what the oil does is create a little space between the skin and the tape, so it's less sticky. But need to remind the majority of users is that if there is no baby oil, you can choose to use other oils, but can not use salad oil, because salad oil is not good for the human body.

Put some moisturizer on the tape before you rip it off, put a lot of it on, then do something else, and after 20 minutes, when the moisturizer has soaked the tape, it's easy to rip off.

It won't hurt if you put a hot towel on it before you remove the tape. Soak it in water for a while, or cover it with a hot towel and tear it later. Or put on some oil. Tear slowly.

Before tearing the tape, exercise and let yourself sweat. After sweating, the tape is easier to tear.

Many people stick for two or three days. In fact, if the tolerance of stimulation is poor, the tape will be removed for 4-6 hours. This is because, after this time, the skin has absorbed some of the active ingredients of the tape, and if it is not removed, symptoms such as itching and rashes will occur.

If you want to know more about what is medical tape called, please visit our webiste.


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