Coil-Spring Trap

1) A favorite of all professional possum trappers.
2) These Coil-Spring traps are the standard against which the performance of all others are measured.
3) Easy to set and conceal, these traps lay flat and lock up quickly for maximum success in dirt-hole sets.
4) Traps are made with an adjustable pan that lets trappers custom-set the pan tension to their target.
5) When the tension is set correctly, the animal’s weight is committed before the trap fires, taking away the animal’s reflexes and catching it higher on the foot for a more secure hold.
6) Equipped with heavy-duty chains and swivels to reduce loss of larger animals.
7) Yet, they’re so compact and light-weight, you can carry all you need for a long trap line.
8) Jaws have smooth edges but there’s still plenty of flat surface to hold the catch securely.
9) Lever openings are large to prevent ground cover from being thrown into jaws.
10) The first choice and recommended monitoring trap for N.Z. conditions.


至: Zhejiang Chansome Group Co., Ltd
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