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Pp spun bond non-woven fabric are widely used in baby diapers, sanitary materials, and other industries because of its soft, breathable, non-irritating, non-sensitizing and hydrophilic properties.

Both the surface and bottom of baby diapers are made of non woven fabric. The leak-proof bottom layer should be leak-proof and breathable to keep diapers dry. The surface layer needs to have strong water absorption, so that urine can quickly pass through, reach the water absorption layer, and prevent urine leakage.

We are professionaldiaper raw material suppliersand we can make non woven fabric for sanitary napkins.

We sprayed hydrophilic and antimicrobial materials on the surface of non woven fabric by reprocessing method, after high-temperature drying, disinfection and other processes.

The weight of absorbent non woven fabric can reach three times the original weight. The treated non woven fabric has the function of antimicrobial and bacteriostasis, and it prevents the production of bacteria. After water absorption treatment, the non-woven fabric can absorb baby urine quickly, keep baby skin dry and reduce the incidence of infant diaper dermatitis.

After hydrophilic treatment, the non-woven fabric is still soft, light and breathable. The non-woven fabric has changed people's lifestyle and brought great convenience to people's home life.

Sensi factoryis one of professional diaper raw material suppliers. We provide ES Non-Woven Fabric, Active Carbon Non woven Fabric, american melt blown & filtration, non woven fabric for diaper, non woven diaper, diaper raw material, diaper making materials, diaper making fabricand so on. Want to know more? Please contact us.


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