Road Marking Glass Beads

Glass Beads for Road Marking Paintare a kind of fine glass sphere formed by melting glass sand (waste glass) at high temperatures. It is spherical under the microscope, colorless, transparent, and the refractive index is 1.5-1.64. Between 44 and 1400 microns in diameter.

Ten Roads Glassis one of the prefessional glass beads for road marking manufacturers,With many years of experience in the manufacturing of reflective road paint beads, We have mature solutions of glass beads for paint. The National standard of GT, BS6088, EN1424/1423and AASHTO guarantee the quality of our glass beads for road marking.

Technical Data of Glass Beads For Road Marking(Which can drop on glass beads for road marking)


Specific Gravity

Bulk Density


Free Silica

Free Iron




6 - 7 Mohs

≈ 1500kg/m³



< 1%




Component Sheet of Reflective Glass Beads For Paint









13-15 %




Work Principle of Clear Micro Glass Beads

Reflective glass beads play a necessary part in traffic safety because of their retro-reflective properties. This property lets in the motorist to truly see the pavement line markings greater truly at night and in moist conditions. When a car's headlight beam shines on a pavement marking that is integrated-embedded-saturated with reflective glass beads powder, the line stripes light up and come to be plenty less complicated to see at night. This effect is called the retro-reflection. Glass beads for road marking paint can be divided into two types: the intermix type and drop on, and the intermix type, which should be added directly in the road marking paint, and stir together. While, the drop on type is drawn in the pavement marking, not directly sprayed over the dry coating glass beads.

How to Use Our Reflective Road Paint Beads

Reflective road paint beads are sold by using the 50-pound or 25kgs plastic bag or jumbo bag. The common utility will require 5-7 pounds of glass beads per gallon of USSC traffic marking paint. Glass Beads can be dropped into many special kinds of non-reflective paints to make them reflective.


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