Gaabor Rice-cooker

Anti-scalding one-key cover opening; Non-stick thickened spherical inner pot, easy cleaning and maintenance; Big touch panel on top, cooking setting at a glance; Anti-overflow pot probe, worry free for soup and porridge cooking; Removable and washable upper cover, quick disassemble and easy cleaning; Porous bottom for heat dissipation, for continuous and safe cooking.

Rice Cooker Design

① Power-on program: Power-on state: display all for 1S and then display "----" in standby mode;

② Overview of functions: Cooking, porridge, firewood rice, cake, soup, heat preservation; Reservation function; Timing function; Sensor open/short circuit protection;

③ Settings of button functions:

"Start/Cancel/Heat Preservation" button

Select a function and press this button to enter the corresponding function. Press this button in the standby state to enter heat preservation mode. Press this button in other states to return to the standby state.


After selecting the function, press this button to enter the reservation time adjustment state of the rice cooker. It is invalid to press this button during working.

“Function Selection”button

It is valid in the non-working state to select the function;


In the cooking time adjustment state, press the timing button to adjust the cooking time, and short press it to increase by 1 minute. Long press and hold for 2S to increase rapidly for 5 minutes (for cooking, fine cooking and grain rice, the time cannot be adjusted).

Multi Purpose Rice Cooker

The multifunctional rice cooker has many uses, including frying, stir-frying, stewing and baking. Because of the powerful functions of the multifunctional rice cooker, it can meet the daily cooking needs of our family! The multifunctional rice cooker can not only steam rice, but also cook soup, make net celebrity cakes, cook porridge, steam fish, steam eggs, make nutritious rice and nutritious porridge, etc.

The automatic rice cooking machinetruly realizes the multi-purpose use of one cooker, which can save the space in the kitchen to the greatest extent!

Choose a rice cooker that combines multiple functions in one! This not only saves the expense of buying other kitchen utensils, but also makes effective use of the kitchen space.

As a rational consumer, we should consider health issues from product materials.

How to Use Electric cooker for rice

It controls the temperature accurately, intelligently regulates the temperature, and can be used easily, which is really convenient. The heating speed is fast, which is particularly good. The heating efficiency is more than 90%, the heating is even and does not stick to the bottom, and the high power of 2000w can be adjusted to this level when you eat hot pot, and you can change different levels for different things. To make a simple steamed egg and steamed buns is very simple and convenient. You can also cook and stir-fry. It is really good. Frying, deep-frying, boiling, steaming, stir-frying, high-value, elegant appearance, to meet the needs of all kinds of cuisine.

How to Clean Electric Rice Cooker

Please clean the cooker with detergent and soft cloth before the first use. Do not clean the cooker with steel wireball or other hard objects to avoid damaging the non-stick ceramic layer. It is strictly forbidden to wash the product directly in water or under the tap, so as to avoid electric leakage or failure of electronic components due to water ingress.

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