Single Bottle Warmer

The single bottle warmeris a safe and quick way to make mealtime more comfortable for baby and multi-functional covered from heating up, keeping warm, sterilizing and defrosting remaining with a lot more nutrients and vitamins of milk for the baby. The wide opening of warmer accommodates all sizes of baby bottles and food jars and the compact design is easy to store in the kitchen and beside the bed convenient for night feeding. You just place the baby bottle or food jars to the warmer and add water then adjust the water to ideal temperature. And the automatic shut-off can keep warm for 24h and ready for all day long especially at night.

What kinds of bottles can you put into single bottle warmer?

You can use the standard bottle with this bottle warmer or a bottle with an extra wide neck. The Silicone milk bottle is the best choice for you, which is very unique in regards to their shape,and material they are made of and unlike most bottles, these bottles are made purely from silicone, which makes them soft and squeezable just like natural breasts. Or you can choose the glass milk bottle, it’s one of the most environmental and recyclable, that you can reuse the product again and again. And the milk in the glass milk bottle can be heated up in a short time.

As a professional nasal aspirator supplier, JOYSTAR provides sterilizer with dryer, electric breast milk pump, breast feeding accessories, automatic nose aspirator, etc. For more, please feel free to contact us!


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