10W Mini Surgery Laser

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Why choice cheese™! 10W Mini Surgical Diode Laser System? 16 presets treatment options There are 16 programs for common clinic use on the software, doctors do not need to set or memorize any parameters for the operation. Compact, hand-held system With weight of only 1.8KG, dimension of 200mm*120mm*65mm, cheese™ Can be easier held by hand. User-friendly interface It is easy to set every parameter on interface. Battery-operated, optional for your choice You can still go on use for one hour if without any power supply by the battery-operated design. Intro ...PLDD ...Dermatology / aesthetic ...Dentistry ...ENT ...Surgical / gynaecology ...Veterinary Full accessories There are varies handpiece for soft tissue cutting and bleaching, also fibers from 200um to 600um for different clinic request. Clinical instruction available There is a full clinic instruction together with our dental laser system, to teach you how to set parameters and the notices for different applications. 10W can meet your different clinicals requirements. Easy fiber helder. Color touch screen.