Filament LED Bulb

A LED filament light bulb is an LED lamp that mimics a typical incandescent light bulb with visible filaments for aesthetic and lighting distribution reasons while utilizing light-emitting diodes, which have a high efficiency (LEDs).

TOPSTAR Filament LED bulbshave many advantages.

High lumen output efficiency is a feature. similar to an incandescent lamp's sparkling light effect. Lower maintenance expenses and longer lifespan. Energy savings of up to 85% when compared to incandescent lighting. providing almost the same amount of light as an incandescent bulb.

By putting each product through testing for the best performance and safety, TOPSTAR upholds the highest standards for all of our goods. For optimal eye comfort, these lights give instantaneous strong light without buzzing or flickering.

A National Enterprise Technology Center and a state-of-the-art laboratory are also features of TOPSTAR. Because of its excellent technological capabilities, TOPSTAR can create and produce items of the highest caliber for our clients.

Types of Filament LEDLamp

Filaments A19 Bulb

Filaments A21 Bulb

Filaments A23 Bulb

Filaments ST19 Bulb

Filaments ST64 Bulb

Filaments G25 Bulb

Filaments G16.5 Bulb

Filament Candle Bulb

How Do LED Filament Bulbs Work?


The light source structure of the LED filament bulb

The light source structure of the LED filament bulb is mainly composed of multiple parts, including the connection parts of the lamp holder, the base, the driving power supply, and the lamp beads. In the course of work, LED filament bulbs are mainly based on stone substrates, and then supplemented by highly transparent lampshades.


LED Filament Light Bulb Gets Heat

When the current of the LED filament light bulb passes through the filament (tungsten filament, the melting point is more than 3000 degrees Celsius), heat is generated. The spiral filament continuously gathers heat, making the temperature of the filament above 2000 degrees Celsius. The iron can shine like a light. The higher the temperature of the filament, the brighter the light emitted.)

How to Choose Filament LED Bulbs?

LED lights are unquestionably more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient than conventional incandescent lighting. Since their widespread use over the past ten years, LED lights have been shown to provide an increasing number of benefits. Currently, specialists are concentrating on a few particular LED applications, such as how to increase the beam angle of LED chips. Previously, LED bulbs might have a beam angle of 120° or even 180°, but it is very challenging to have a greater beam angle.

Traditional lamps have a 360° beam angle, which means they spread light in all directions. It's really wonderful if LED lights can radiate light in all directions at once. Therefore, using an LED filament bulb as a replacement for conventional lamps is a really good idea.

Because LED filament bulbs employ 360° LED FILAMENTS rather than LED BEADS as its light source, they produce 360° all-directional lighting. The gold wires that connect the LED CHIPS in the LED filament package, which is mounted on a rectangular substrate, allow for electric conduction. To get ideal LED filaments that emit 360° lights, phosphor coating will be applied to the surface of the LEDs.

If you are looking for a reliable led lighting company, please choose us, and we will be your best partner.


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