Aluminum & Anodizing Enclosures-2019

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Produced according to customer's drawings and designs Various specifications available according to customer's different needs Stamping Parts for Microwave Oven Crust, Air Conditioner, House Appliances, Car Parts, Furniture Parts, Machinery Parts, Industrial need, Metal Box & Case, etc.

All kinds of the aluminium profile enclosurescan be used as shielding box, vehicle power cutting shell, video server shell, wireless platform shell GPRS shell, signal amplifier shell, receiver shell, inverter shell, anti-jamming shell, LED lightbox shell, MP3MP4 shell, CPU radiator, shell length can be customized.

Material: Aluminum plate, sus , secc ,sgcc ,spcc etc..

Thickness:2.0mm or 1.2mm,1.5mm,1.8mm ,2.0mm etc..

Process: Blanking - hydraulic molding - bending - riveting - powder spraying

Why this product we choose aluminum plate to make the computer enclosure?

Because of the features of industrial aluminum products as bellow:

What kinds of processing you can handle?

Shearing, Laser Cutting, Belt Saw Cutting, Stamping, Bending, Welding, Painting, Plating, Powder Coating and Assembling.

Surface treatment: Oil painting, Powder painting, Silk-screen, but this product is not finished yet, the surface has not been the powder coating processed.you also can check the pictures.

Packaging Details

Packaging of Waterproof Electronic Enclosures Sheet Metal Cabinet Fabricating :

Wrapped with pearl cotton or plastic film or paper

Put them into cartons

Sealed with transparent tapes and stick up labels

As per clients' requirements

We are professionalaluminium enclosure manufacturerand aluminum enclosure suppliers. We provide you with large aluminum electrical enclosures and folded aluminum enclosure.


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