Sulzer Spare Parts

We are among the most professional manufacturers engaged in supplying optimum quality Sulzer spare parts to the textile industry. We provide a complete series of Sulzer loom spare parts cater to needs of our customers, for models like GS6100, GS6200, GS6300, FAST, GS900 and etc. We will carry out a non-stop research and development to supply the best and most economical Sulzer spares to the partners around the world.

GS6100 spare parts including: wire wheel, clutch, clutch wire, rapier tape lock block, rapier tape plate, releasing plate, clutch axle, nylon gear, axis gear, rapier wheel, belt pulley and etc.

GS6200 spare parts including: guide plate, eccentric shaft, filter, cutter, coupling, releasing plate, rack, clutch, clutch wire, cam and etc.

G6300 spare parts including: rapier drive wheel, rapier tape, dust collection housing, motor coupling, crisperding needle base, clutch, spring piece and etc

FAST spare parts including: main clutch, weft finding clutch, low speed clutch, waste edge cutter, rapier tape, rapier drive wheel, releasing plate, harness lever, motor coupling, locating shaft, encoder spring, let-off worm and etc.

GS900 spare parts including: cutter accessory, releasing plate, rapier drive wheel, dust collection housing and etc.

Sino Textile Machinery is consisted by a group of manufacturers of textile machinery and spare parts. We specialized in textile weaving machinery, second hand sulzer textile machinery, weaving loom spare OE supply, and after sales spare parts. With more than 20 years experience in textile industry, we can deliver textile machinery spare parts meeting the right demand on both quality and price. Under the joint efforts of all members in this group, we have now grown up to be the most integrated supplier in China to offer weaving machines and loom spare parts.


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