DF71J Rapier Jacquard Loom

DF71J Rapier Jacquard Loom

DF71Jjacquard rapier loommachine has all the features of its counterparts, besides, it also embodies the features of high speed, low vibration and good stability. This machine is suitable for high speed weaving, especially for weaving thin fabrics, which has earned a good reputation in the silk market, wool market, leisure fabric market and etc. It is a highly automatic weaving loom.

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DF71J  Rapier Jacquard Loom


Drive System

The rapier loom with electronic jacquard can adopt either three-phase asynchronous motor plus inverter to realize strong start and stop force, or super motor direct drive.

Weft Insertion System

The weft insertion system is driven by crank-connecting rod, which optimizes acceleration and velocity curve, ensuring a perfect operation at highest speed and flawless fabric quality.

Beat-up system: beat-up is managed by bilateral conjugate cam and separating sley, with short stroke and strong force.

Lubrication System

With a closed circulating type of lubrication system, the moving parts of rapier loom can get reliable and prompt lubrication; it also offers oil level warning and oil pressure warning.

Electrical Control System

With 32-bit CPU control system and embedded software, the jacquard weaving loom machine can guarantee with highest fabric quality, prompt detection of machine error and the convenient management.

Strengthened Machine Frames

The automatic weaving loom is assembled with 4 pieces of strong casting panels, together with tough crossbeam and support beam. This structure realizes a high stability and low vibration.



190cm, 220cm, 230cm, 260cm, 290cm, 320cm, 340cm, 360cm

Operation speed

max design speed 380rpm, economic speed 260~310rpm (340cm model)

Weft density


Take up

electronic take-updriven by servo motor, beam diameter φ600mm


electronic let-offdriven by servo motor, beam diameter φ800mmorφ1000mm


Chinese electronic jacquard with 1344, 2688, 5120, 6144 or 12288 hooks


high speed electronic weft selector controlled by stepping motor(2-8 colors)


jacquard leno edge, or electronic leno selvage device controlled by stepping motor


super motor or three-phase asynchronous motor + inverter

Automatic functions

automatic warp stop, automatic weft stop,automatic pick finding

Electronic control

With 32-bit CPU control system and embedded software

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