Multi-Application Wire Rope Vibration Isolator

Hoan multi-application wire rope isolator mountsis used widely in the field of RC car, camera drone, UAV camera, video, military vehicles, highway transportation, marine, shipbuilding, navy, energy, photographic equipment, aerial equipment, communication apparatus, electronic sensing devices, mobile electronic devices, cameras or any other needed working conditions.

The automobile is a complex vibration system composed of multiple systems. The vibration of automobile or part would be generated when it is driving due to road roughness, speed and direction changes, the imbalance between wheels, engine and transmission system, gear impact and other external and internal excitation. The vibration of the automobile makes its power not fully exerted, affects the stability and smoothness of the automobile, causes the function of the automobile equipment to fail or even be damaged, and shortens the life of the automobile. With the continuous development of automobile to high speed and the heavy load, the demand for vibration isolation of automobiles is getting higher and higher, so it is very important to properly use an isolator to solve the problem of automobile vibration.

The wire rope shock absorber can be divided into a passive wire rope vibration isolator mounts and active vibration isolator according to whether or not it needs energy. Passive vibration isolator has been widely used because of its simple structure, easy implementation, good economy, and reliability, without external energy. But because the damping is not adjustable, the isolation ability is limited. The active vibration isolator feels the vibration of the isolation object through the sensor and passes the output signal to the controller, then the actuator sends out action instructions and uses the external energy to change the stiffness and damping of the isolator to achieve the purpose of isolating the vibration. This kind of wire rope shock absorber overcomes the defect of passive wire rope vibration dampers that damping is not adjustable, but because the structure of the mechanical system is complex and the price is expensive, it is mainly used for vibration isolation of some advanced cars or heavy cars. In recent years, the continuous development of intelligent materials provides a research foundation for the development of new intelligent vibration isolators. The intelligent vibration isolator has great application potential in the field of automobile vibration isolation technology because of large stiffness and damping range, small energy consumption, the simple structure of the mechanical system, low manufacturing cost, high reliability, real-time response and good controllability.

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