Comifo Duct Manufacture Machine Co., Ltd is a professional HVAC duct production line manufacturer which involves in business manager, marketing sales and production. We supply different equipment for light industry, metallurgy and metalworking fields with high quality, latest design and high cost performance. Comifo machines are offered all over the world. Please feel free to contact us and ask for more information. Duct manufacture auto line can manufacture a material roller to a completed duct product independently and uninterrupted. No additional operators and operation are required. Based on different functions, we have duct production line series 1~8. The main functions are: 1, decoiler-feeding; 2, pressing and straightening; 3, punching and notching; 4, shearing; 5, coil conveying; 6, lock forming; 7, flange forming; 8, folding.

How to choose a good auto duct machines manufacturers?

Many of factors affect the selection of the users, especially the quality of the auto duct line. Besides, the capacity and credit of the manufacturer should be considered as well. All the conditions being considered by the users before purchasing machines then will the products’quality being ensured by the manufacturer.


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RF-08D Standing S Cleat
RF-08D Standing S Cleat RF-08D Standing S Cleat Model No.: RF-08DDescription: Standing SThickness Range Used: 0.8mm(22ga)Material: 131mmSize: 28.58mmMin.Order Quantity: 1 ...
RF-08D Standing S Cleat
RF-08D Standing S Cleat Model No.: RF-08D Description: Standing S Thickness Range Used: 0.8mm(22ga) Material: 131mm Size: 28.58mm Supply Ability: 10 Sets per Month Port: G...
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Duct Auto Line Ⅵ
Duct Auto Line Ⅵ Model No.:CAL5-1.2x1300,CAL5-1.2x1600 Max Coil Width:4'(1250mm),5'(1550mm) Thickness Range:0.5-1.2mm Speed:0-18m/min Shearing Tolerance:±0.5...
RF-12S Button Snap Lock Former
RF-12S Button Snap Lock Former RF-12S Button Snap Lock Former Model No.: RF-12SDescription: Female Buton LockThickness Range Used: 0.8-1.2mm(18-30ga)Material: 41mm,7mmSize: 13.5m...

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