Medium Size LCD&LCM Optical Measurement System


DM-5xx series is our most flexible optical measurement solution that address versatile display measurement. We can offer you an optical measurement system whether the measurement of mobile display module, backlight module, display application test, or QC / QA measurement on production.

Optimized for displays up to 34-50”.

Ideal for conventional TV, mainly for computer monitor and flat TV. Support various standard test distance options.

Medium Size LCD&LCM Optical Measurement System Overview

Easy to use

Supported optical instruments, test screen module generator and other devices flexibly, with good compatibility and high precision.

Windows system based, users can finish the whole measurement process, the flexible module allows any operator to select a predefined test configuration to finish the entire measurement.

Standard and custom tests

Based on VESA, ICDM, TCO, ISO, SJ/T and other display measurement tests or customized tests, DM Series Measurement System can be set up to run.

Medium Size LCD&LCM Optical Measurement System Characteristic

FPDM Test professional measurement software

Various quantitative analysis tools, including contour chart, CIE chromaticity analysis, viewing angle chart

Support the performance analysis of different sampling area of various specification products

Manual & automatic system control, initial positioning via remote control and image window

Without fixing at right angles for product testing

Custom various test sequences, uniformity 5 points, 9 points, 13 points, 25 points, spot matrix test, viewing angle test etc

With a signal generator connected to provide various signals automatically

Export to Excel

Automatic tracking algorithm for test points

Field installation commissioning and training

Software upgrade for free

Medium Size LCD&LCM Optical Measurement SystemTests Supported

Luminance Uniformity

Chromaticity, Color Temperature, Color Uniformity

Contrast, Color Gamut

Gray level , Gamma

Shadowing (Cross Talk)

Response Time

Warm-up Time, Luminance Stability


Viewing Angle

DM series backlight module optical measurement system, which carries the luminance metermainly for luminance and color uniformity measurement of backlight module. Nine models of vertical and horizontal structures based on your product size and placement, starting from DM-205 system optimized for displays up to 12″ to DM-340 system optimized for displays up to 100″.

Backlit measurement systems aim at providing accurate optical measurement for LCD, PDP, OLED and LED display, and LED, CCFL backlight development; Backlit measurement systems is mainly used in laboratory, engineering development and QA/QC etc.


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