SF6 Gas Density Monitor

As one of the professional gas pressure gauge manufacturers, Lanso is committed to offering SF6 gas density monitors/sf6 gauge, which include density relay, density meter, density switch, density transmitter, valves, and instruments. SF6 gas pressure gaugeis suitable for different kinds of working environments.

SF6 Gas Density Monitor Types

SF6 Monitoris mainly used in the power industry. It is matched with sulfur hexafluoride high-voltage circuit breaker, transformer, combined apparatus (GIS), ring network cabinet, inflation cabinet and other equipment. SF6 gas density gauge is used to monitor the gas density in the equipment air chamber (i.e. the pressure at 20 ℃) and can send alarm, locking and other switching signals when the gas density drops to the specified value due to equipment leakage.

Why Choose SF6 Gas Density Monitor at Lanso?

The sf6 pressure gaugeby Lanso are designed with temperature compensation and hermetic sealing, safeguarding measurements against atmospheric pressure fluctuations and variations in mounting levels. Crafted entirely from stainless steel to ensure reliability and longevity, these monitors are equipped with up to three alarm contacts. These contacts serve to issue advance warnings when predefined limit levels are approached, enhancing the capability to proactively respond to potential issues.

With a rich history as a Canada-based industrial products manufacturer, Lanso specializes in different types of pressure instruments. Our extensive SF6 gas density monitor portfolio has a strong reputation in the industry. We have earned high brand recognition globally and established enduring partnerships with multinational corporations such as ABB, HYOSUNG, TOSHIBA, SCHNEIDER, SIEMENS, and more.

Through our joint-venture subsidiary Lanso Konly (Shanghai) Instrument Co., Ltd., We have achieved a leading market position in China. Strategic collaborations with local industry giants like Taikai Group, Pinggao Electric, Xidian Group, CNBK, and NHVS, further emphasize our strong presence in the Chinese market.

We are proud to have attained Swiss SGS ISO 9001:2015 quality certification. All of our SF6 gas pressure gaugeproducts undergo rigorous quality assurance measures.

If you are looking for a reliable SF6 gas density monitor supplier, don't hesitate to contact us!

For more information about pressure measurement deviceand pressure gauge types, please feel free to contact us!


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