Black Polyester Tape

Black polyester tape also called as a black shading tape, Black polyester tape is made of polyester film as the base material and coated with high temperature resistant silicone gel. Wholesale polyester tapeis insulated and high temperature resistant, with a transparent release film optional. As a professional pet tape factory, we produce the high-quality black polyester tape, of whcih the thickness and width is customizable. To meet the different customers' requirements, our wholesale pet tapecan be processed into various shapes. Black polyester tapedoes not transmit light and does not warp. Black polyester tapeis a shading tape for the professional optoelectronics' industry.

Black Polyester Tape-TDS

Color: Black

Backing: PET

Adhesive: Silicone/acrylic

Thickness: 0.05 0.06 0.08 (mm)

Elongation: 30%

Temperature: 230℃ 30mins

Withstand Voltage: 4,000 (Volts)

Length: 0-500m(customized)

Width: 0-500mm (customized)

Core size: 25.4mm/38mm/76mm

Application Of Black Polyester Tape

LCD backlight module fixed,

Mobile lens shading and fixing;

The LCD frame is shaded from the side,

The edge of the instrument part is shading and fixed when it is powered up.

Features Of Black Polyester Tape

Shading and opaque

High temperature resistance without residual glue

Strong toughness and not easy to break

High-adhesive paste does not warp edges

Environmental protection, non-fading, non-conductive insulation.

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