The ideal windows are used to allow optical radiation to pass from one environment to another without allowing other elements of these environments to mix. And it does not change the wavelength distribution of the beam, the transmitted wave front nor does it scatter any of the light out of the beam.

To select a window, material, transmission, scattering, wave front distortion, parallelism, and resistance to environment should be considered. We offer a variety of windows. They are good quality, durable and strong.

Materials used include BK7 (optical glass), B270, float glass, UV fused silica, Sapphire, CaF2, MgF2, Silicon, Ge, ZnSe, ZnS, KBr, NaCl, etc.

We manufacture windows with different shape, such as round, rectangular, elliptical, ring or any other shape. AR coating is available upon request.

Technical Capability


As listed above


Φ1 – 600mm

Diameter tolerance:



> 0.15mm

Thickness tolerance:


Clear aperture:

> 90%


< 1”

Surface quality:

Up to 10-5


Up to Lambda/20 @ 632.8nm


With or without AR coating


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