Industrial Media Converter

Why Choose H3B Rugged Media Converter?

Rugged Media Converters from H3B are reliable products that can provide stable media conversion under harsh circumstances. H3B industrial ethernet to fiber media converterprovides stable and fast conversion between Ethernet signals and fiber optical signals. Industrial media converters are designed with tough materials that enable them to stay solid even under the toughest conditions. H3B Industrial Media Converters are applied with top technology and resistance to diversified environment changes. All those enable stable and efficient performance under harshest conditions, which is definitely an amazing choice for all kinds of outdoor needs.

What H3B Outdoor Media ConverterCan Do for You?

Briefly speaking, industrial-grade outdoor media converters are used to link copper and fiber networks under outdoor industrial environments. H3B Industrial Media Converters are designed to convert from copper to fiber, single-mode to multi-mode fiber at places that are suffering from harsh operating conditions. H3B outdoor media converter is an ideal choice for extending the transmission distance of copper equipment such as CCTV cameras, wireless routers, oil fields, weather predicting, construction sites, school security, as well as all kinds of industrial and outdoor projects.

Main Features of H3B Industrial Fiber Converters

For easy installation, there are 2 common ways. H3B industrial fiber converter can be either wall-mounted or directly installed on DIN rail. H3B industrial fiber optic media converters are developed to perform under harsh conditions within a wide range of temperatures, which is normally from -40-75° C. H3B Industrial Media Converter is built with solid aluminum metal cases of IP40, which helps to function well against dusty outdoor environment. All the material and processes apply under CE/FCC regulatory approvals.

The operating temperature of the industrial grade media converters can be defined as follow:

Standard Media Converter: (0° to +40° C)

Hardened Media Converter: (-25° to +60° C)

Extreme Media Converter: (-40° to +75° C)

H3B Industrial media converters are commonly applied in the following environments:

Agriculture, Building automation, Factory automation, Military Project, Intelligent Manufacturing, Oil/gas drilling and mining, Smart City, Safety City, New Energy, Smart Grid, Rail Transit, Aerospace, Transportation

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