Managed PoE Swtich

Features of Managed PoE Swtich

What's the Difference of A Managed POE Switch?

Except for all the features of unmanaged POE switch, Managed POE switch also provides the configuration, management, and monitor on your LAN. Besides, a Managed POE switch enables more control over your LAN traffic and offers advanced features to control that traffic with certain management functions.

In summary, let's refer as below.

A managed POE switch also communicates across networks

It provides built-in security functionality

It offers diagnostic functions

It can identify possible failures in the network and prevent faultily

Detects faulty parts and report

How Does A Managed POE Switch Work?

Basically a managed POE Switch work under such management features.

QoS can identify the most important data traffic among all the network traffics so that it can manage available bandwidths to allow the most important traffic pass first. We can configure by certain rules to priorities packets of data among all the connected devices. It can play a big role when we need to assign most bandwidths to particular devices.

SNMP is another widely applied protocol which allows network managing and monitoring. It’s a crucial feature to monitor the network performance without touching the switch. All the potential problems can be flagged and fixed through a management page. When problems occur, the technical team is able to identify easily and solve the problems more efficiently.

VLAN is also a mostly needed configuration function which allows network administrators to group devices together without extra wiring or other changes to the current network infrastructure. VLAN can be configured under different rules to establish communication rules between all the Ethernet ports. Unlike the unmanaged types, all the Ethernet ports have access to the same data transmission and network traffic, with VLAN function, we can easily protect certain LAN ports from communicating with other ports. All the ports can be isolated by different rules, changes are also easy to be arranged.

The function of redundancy is to duplicate data if any part fails in the network. With this function, the duplicated data will be a safe back up for follow-up recovery.

Port Mirroring is a feature designed to help diagnose potential network faultily. A Managed POE switch allows customers to send copies of traffic to an individual port on the same switch to do the analysis. The network analyzer enables the disgnose and fix the possible problems without uninstalling the devices from the network.

H3B Managed POE Switches: Designed to meet your network needs.

Since the first day of establishment, H3B's goal is to offer the best network devices for our customers. H3B managed POE switches are designed to meet all your network needs. Managed POE switches are with increasing demands in the global market, we are also working hard to develop more related models to help establish a reliable and fast network in all application scenes.

Shenzhen Huashi Network Technology Co. Ltd. is aindustrial ethernet switch manufacturers. We provide Fiber Optic Media Converter, Fiber Optic Switch, small managed poe switch, 10 100 mbps switchand so on. Want to know more? Please contact us.


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