G506 Mask Automatic Filter Performance Tester

The latest G506 mask automatic filter performance tester uses the most advanced technology and design concepts, to meet a variety of test standards and the latest National standard GB / T 32610.Only relatively little operation is required tocomplete all the function and operation. Hardware performance of G506 mask automatic filter performance tester is stable and excellent in repeatability. Software design meet with people's thinking mode, the interface is user-friendly, and the functional and parameter settings are very reasonable. It is convenient to userforacademic research and product development.

G506 Mask Automatic Filter Performance Tester is used fortestingprofessional filter material and filtration efficiencyof a wide range of air filters including HEPA and ULPA filter, respirator, filter cartridge and protective clothing test. It also can use salt or oil mist to test filter media. Rapid acquisition of filter media performance evaluation parameters, and accurate evaluation of filter material quality, performance, life and so on. It is convenientto userforacademic research and product developmentof new filter materials, product quality control, material performance verification.

EN 143 Protection device, particle filter requirement, test, mark
EN 149 Respiratory protection device, microparticle filter with half mask required test mark
NIOSH 42 CFR Part 84 Respiratory protection device
GB/T 2626 Self - priming filter type particulate respirator of Respiratory protective equipment
GB/T 32610 Technical specification for daily protective masks
Structure principle
G506 mask automatic filter performance tester, composed of the following key components;
1. Salt oil mist aerosol generator;
2. Heater and mixer;
3. Aerosol charge neutralizer;
4. Particle counter or laser scatter photometer;
5. Sample holding device;
6. Pressure drop measuring device;
7. Temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure sensor;
8. Filtration systems, vacuum pumps, and discharge systems
Test principle
Clean compressed air will carry pre-prepared solution such as NaCl solution or DEHS / PAO from the aerosol generator. After a classifier , unwanted large particles are collected into the collection bottle, wanted aerosol particles are sprayed from the aerosol generator nozzle into the test system.
Before the aerosol reaches the test media, it emitted by the aerosol generator requires two procedures; 1. The aerosol salt particles are produced by mixing with the heated gas (for salt mist).2. To neutralize the aerosol is by electrostatic neutralizer, which is used to reduce the effect of particle loss and static electricity on the test results.
After two procedures above, aerosol with a certain flow rate to reach the test filter surface, and start the test program. For the filter efficiency test, the test time is very short, only need a few seconds to complete a filter test. Experiments for loading experiments are relatively long.
The mass concentration or mass concentration of aerosol upstream and downstream of the filter media was measured by particle counter or laser scattering photometer, and the filtration efficiency was calculated. The pressure drop across the filter was monitored by differential pressure sensor
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